Elegant, stylish and unmistakable: the new rehabilitation center in Roermond with its extraordinary silhouette and the impressive transparent facade is a spectacle. The low-rise building, where the rehabilitation facilities are housed, is surmounted by an eight-story tower, which houses the nursing hotel with generous patient rooms. The complex, which is managed by the architectural office of Van Aken in Eindhoven, provides a comfortable feel-good atmosphere that promotes the recovery process.

The outer shell is made of vertically mounted ceramic elements in four warm natural tones, which capture the light and adapt to the brick façades of the surrounding buildings. On the ground floor are closed slabs, in front of the upper floors light baguette constructions in randomized color arrangement. The baguettes are inserted into frames and can be pushed like a curtain in front of the windows. A cube, opened on top, crowns the attic as a viewing platform. Here, modern design, technically sophisticated craftsmanship and high-end material are defined.

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