Sustainable construction is generally seen as the concept of the future in the industry, as issues relating to life cycle assessment, maintenance outlay and follow-on costs are now part of the fundamental considerations that must be addressed by every forward-thinking building owner and by every prudent architect at the start of a construction project.

As a natural, environmentally friendly and particularly robust material, terracotta plays an increasingly important role in such considerations. Its excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, weathering effects and corrosion mean that this material maintains an unchanged high-value appearance even after many decades, making it an ideal façade material. Modern manufacturing and finishing techniques not only add infi nite variety in terms of design choices, but also ensure that the material is easy to care for, maintenance-free and virtually indestructible.

100% Natural Recycable

Improving buildings' efficiency

Maximization of thermal performance

However, customers’ demands have long since moved on and now extend to more stringent requirements to ensure that the materials are emission-free and non-hazardous. The company NBK has reacted to this trend and now offers lead-free glazing. The NBK TERRART® ceramic façade has been officially certified by the German Institute for Construction and the Environment in terms of sustainability in accordance with ISO 14025. The validated declaration discloses all of the relevant environmental data – ranging from information about basic materials and material origins, to the entire product manufacture and processing procedure, through to disposal – and contains a description and definition of the ecological efficiency of the material, making it easy for the customer to understand and correlate all of the criteria without any gaps.

You can find more information about our sustainability in the Environment-Productdeclaration (EDP)


Mobile Sunprotection made of sustainable ceramic

More than just a facade. The ceramic facade of the rehabilitation centre in Roermond is more than just a normal shell. The facade obtains its unique imprinting next to the eye-catching contrast between high and low-rise building from the innovative ventilated facade design with agile ceramic elements. The patenet, ventilated TERRART facade system gives the building its own charme.


All-in-one Visibility and Sun-Protection Facade

The newly built Albion library in Toronto has been designed to provide opportunities for resources and education. The building consists of several pavilions and courtyards that cover a total area of approximately 26,000 m2. The exterior of the newly opened library was designed in five different shades of color by the Perkins + Will architect office. The façade design is also unique because it serves a dual function: on the one hand, it has the…

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