Attachment System

For our TERRART® Baguette system we offer two basic systems of substructure:

The side fixing and the back fixing solution. The choice of system is dependent on the on site situation, both systems can be adapted to structural demands.

The choice of the substructure system is dependent upon the design criteria.

SIDE FIXING - Solution

The side attachment solution supports the principle cross section of our TERRART® Baguette system. There is no need for additional machining or notching.
Our removable hardware consists of an adjustable angle profile, which adapts to the hollow chamber section of the aluminum rod without any additional attachment.

The angle profile slides onto the receiving plate which is mounted onto the vertical aluminum armature.

After installation of the baguette, the set screw can then be tightened to prevent the baguette from being dismantled.

The aluminum cover cap, or retainer clip, is then installed for a finished look.


BACK FIXING - Solution

The back fixing solution requires the drilling of two backside holes to accommodate the hardware.

•  Back fixing is used whenever there is a requirement for an invisible substructure system or when the design does not permit a side attachment solution.

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