Engobes are always used when a natural surface is desired, but the selected color cannot be achieved by using ceramic clay alone.

Engobes give NBK terracotta elements a completely new, colorful character. 

In terms of the system, the engobes cover a color spectrum that is geared to delicate colors and allows very special effects in the direction of pastel colors. This allows certain decorative concepts to be implemented and the mechanical and chemical resistance of the ceramic substrate to be increased. This results in a coating, the carrier terracotta is not through-colored. Due to their impression, engobed ceramics can be combined well with natural tones. 

The art of the NBK development department is to produce from oxides or color bodies exactly the shade of engobe that corresponds to the ideas of the creative architect and his object. Many years of experience, the knowledge of the demanding material and the setting up of test series contribute to this. All of this with the aim of creating unique pieces for the TERRART® facade system that give architecture a distinctive profile.

Engobe 9537
Engobe 9527
Engobe 9527
Engobe 9527
Engobe 9527
Engobe 9527
Engobe 9527
Engobe 9527

Expressive effect engobes


SENECA College Newnham
Perkins + Will

Seneca 01 web

Effect engobes are becoming increasingly popular among architects.
The extension to Seneca College Newnham, designed by architects Perkins + Will, is impressive with its unusual facade. Like a flaming dress, the TERRART effect engobe, which was specially developed for this project, envelops the building. By setting accents in the cross-section, the façade is also loosened up. No panel is like the other; flame and design make each panel unique.

Auschnitt Seneca web

More examples from our wide range of effect engobes:

Effect 525
Effect 527
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Effect 531
Effect 533
Effect 534
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