If glazed facade elements are described as the „silver bullet“ in the use of facade ceramics, this claim can be further strengthened by the use of effect glazes.

Effect glazes are the „haute couture“ for facades. Now NBK offers a portfolio of glaze finishes that have no boundaries and that can be also expanded at any time by the wishes and demands of architects and building owners.

Effect glazes are not only effective because of their variety of colours, which already goes beyond the portfolio of common glazes. They offer an additional range of colour effects and thus enter the artistic field of architectural ceramics.


Matt and shiny together. The high-gloss surface with its irregularly matt structure gives the glaze a soft mother-of-pearl-like surface. The silky shimmer in a shiny glaze gives the finish its unique lustre like appearance without having the otherwise usual damaging effects on the environment of such glazes.
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Our fluid glazes are created by a sophisticated interplay of wave-shaped cross-sections and the special fluid composition of the glaze. The resulting different layer thicknesses in the heights and valleys of the respective cross-sectional profile produce very special colour effects.
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This type of glaze has a more hand made appearance which is experiencing an unprecedented comeback in the field of terracotta curtain walling. Thanks to our many years of experience in glaze development we are able to revive old glaze effects and adapt them to today’s technical standards.
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Many architects are looking for metallic finishes that do not have the drawbacks associated with other materials, we can offer these effects that incorporate the benefits of ceramic building materials. The solution is specially developed glazes whose defined components create special metallic effects.
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With this well proven technique, using the fusion of different colours and different densities provides a variety of finishes. Tone within tone, dark and light, black on white and many other combination possibilities result in an almost unlimited and lively variety in the effect of speckled glazes.
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Craquelée glazes offer a very special design element in the field of terracotta curtain walls. They are created by the targeted and controlled use of tension differences between the decorative glaze and the clay mass underneath. The technical properties of the glaze and the mass remain unaffected.
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