About NBK

Since our founding as a family company in 1927, the NBK Architectural Terracotta name has been synonymous with Façade innovation and collaboration within the architectural community. 

Throughout our history, NBK’s philosophy has remained the same – our motto “progress through diversity”. Outstanding architecture thrives on creativity, pushing boundaries and having the courage to implement new concepts in design.

In 2007, NBK joined the Hunter Douglas Group. This exciting new partnership has enabled us to invest in new international facilities and support architects on a global scale.

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From its headquarters in Emmerich on the Lower Rhine, NBK Architectural Terracotta runs an international operation with representatives and branches in many different countries around the world. As a member of the Hunter Douglas Group, we have free and full access to the sales and distribution structures of this global player, providing us with direct networking and great closeness to our markets and, therefore, to our customers worldwide. Our own branch in Portugal also delivers direct access to important shipping routes and thus to sales regions overseas. With our newly opened production plant near Shanghai, we now also have a presence in the Asian market that will provide us with the means to selectively and carefully exploit the potential of this region.

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Germany – parent plant and production site Emmerich am Rhein.


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Portugal – production site in
Figueira da Foz near Lisboa.

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USA – sales office for North America in Salem near Boston.


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China – subsidiary with production site for Asia in Shanghai.


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