Textured TERRART® surfaces are increasingly used in contemporary architecture as a design feature in the form of natural, ground, combed or peeled elements.

The beauty of natural ceramics is not only revealed by their coloring. Certain techniques allow surfaces to be created that develop a character all their own. Creative ideas can thus be impressively realized. As a company with a long tradition, we use various process steps in this process. For example, combing, fine or medium, results in a profile of long lines. The use of fireclay and the peeling of the surface lead to a “peeled” surface, the grooves of which speak a very special language:

Optically and haptically an experience of a special kind.

The technique of profiling in depressions and heights, in the same or different widths, also signals individuality on the basis of the matt ceramic surface. In addition, the effect on the surface can be created by introducing certain oxides, thereby “blossoming” irregular points that stand out from the rest of the surface.

Our offer includes smooth ceramic surfaces, where the fine-grained nature of the material is shown to advantage, and numerous surface structures with different effects. This can influence both the look and feel of the ceramic facade.

The influence this has on the appearance is very clearly illustrated in the following overview:



Through a special, newly developed process
we have perfected the appearance of our textures.

The birth of the MICROWAVES.
M 1.01-0 natural
M 1.01-0 fine combed
M 1.01-0 med combed
M 1.01-0 wirestruck
M 1.02-0 natural
M 1.02-0 fine combed
M 1.02-0 med combed
M 1.02-0 wirestruck
M 2.01-0 natural
M 2.01-0 fine combed
M 2.01-0 med combed
M 2.01-0 wirestruck
M 3.01-0 natural
M 3.01-0 fine combed
M 3.01-0 med combed
M 3.01-0 wirestruck
M 4.01-0 natural
M 4.01-0 fine combed
M 4.01-0 med combed
M 4.01-0 wirestruck
M 5.01-0 natural
M 5.01-0 fine combed
M 5.01-0 med combed
M 5.01-0 wirestruck
M 6.01-0 natural
M 6.01-0 fine combed
M 6.01-0 med combed
M 6.01-0 wirestruck
M 6.02-0 natural
M 6.02-0 fine combed
M 6.02-0 med combed
M 6.02-0 wirestruck
M 7.01-0 natural
M 7.01-0 fine combed
M 7.01-0 med combed
M 7..01-0 wirestruck
M 7.02-0 natural
M 7.02-0 fine combed
M 7.02-0 med combed
M 7.02-0 wirestruck
M 7.03-0 natural
M 7.03-0 fine combed
M 7.03-0 med combed
M 7.03-0 wirestruck
M 7.06-0 natural
M 7.06-0 fine combed
M 7.06-0 med combed
M 7.06-0 wirestruck
M 8.02-0 natural
M 8.02-0 fine combed
M 8.02-0 med combed
M 8.02-0 wirestruck
M 9.04-0 natural
M 9.04-0 fine combed
M 9.04-0 med combed
M 9.04-0 wirestruck
M 9.05-0 natural
M 9.05-0 fine combed
M 9.05-0 med combed
M 9.05-0 wirestruck
M 9.10-0 natural
M 9.10-0 fine combed
M 9.10-0 med combed
M 9.10-0 wirestruck
M 9.11-0 natural
M 9.11-0 fine combed
M 9.11-0 med combed
M 9.11-0 wirestruck
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