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NBK Microwaves
Perfect surfaces with texture 2.0

The beauty of the natural ceramic in the NBK facade system TERRART® is based – in addition to the coloration by clays from different sources – on the processing of the surfaces. The result, called texture in the world of ceramists, is achieved, among other things, by combing in a parallel linear structure, by stripping with fireclay as a “peeled” surface or by grinding resulting in a smooth surface. The technique of this profiling of natural ceramic facade elements, which is used by many creative architects to emboss outstanding architectural objects around the world, is brought to a new level of perfection with the NBK Texture 2.0 technology in the Microwaves series.

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The key to a new texture experience – NBK Texture 2.0

Based on the principle that good technologies can also be improved, the intensive exchange between architects and the facade ceramics manufacturer resulted in a new method for processing ceramic surfaces. With this, the developers were able to ensure that precisely those demands that set the bar of perfection for every detail are met. With a new form of processing, known as the Texture 2.0 method, the texture image in the new Microwaves series is significantly refined and presents itself with previously unattainable high precision. In addition, the new texture technology makes horizontal and vertical textures possible.

This – and this is the outstanding feature – not only in the horizontal level, but also with profiled ceramic elements, with heights and depths, curved up to round cross-sections. After many test series, the results are more than impressive. With the use of the new technology modular system, the perfection in the profile structure can be experienced immediately. Now the lines, the grooves of the ceramic run exactly next to each other in high precision. The depressions and heights are exactly the same distance apart. Whether a wide scoring pattern or finer scoring is desired, everything is possible with the same perfection. In this way, processing results can be achieved that cover a whole spectrum: From fine, medium, to coarse, depending on what the architect considers suitable for the facade.

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The new Microwaves texture series thus refines every ceramic surface with a precision that gives a new quality to mechanically processed ceramic surfaces. The filigree of the processing can be experienced, the precision of the processing allows the traces of the processing to run in high uniformity, an experience of a special kind.

Optically and haptically, the NBK Series Microwaves gives a new overall picture of natural ceramics on facades. This opens a further design framework for the individuality of architectural concepts.

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