NOC Shopping Center Weiden

A prominent downtown location

The NOC shopping centre is built on the site of the former Hertie department store in central Weiden. Within the diverse urban environment, it acts as a mediator between small-scale old town buildings and the surrounding large-scale structures from the post-war period.

The façade impresses with its unusual terracotta cladding. Vertically mounted elements made of white TERRART BAGUETTEs, glazed either in a single-firing or twin-firing process, encase the entire structure and thus lend it a filigree lightness.


Weiden NOC IMG 015 Weiden NOC IMG 002 Weiden NOC IMG 004 Weiden NOC IMG 006 Weiden NOC IMG 007 Weiden NOC IMG 010 Weiden NOC IMG 011 Weiden NOC IMG 013



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