Minto Arcaden, Mönchengladbach

The new business and service center on the site of the former theater defines the “new heart” of the city. The large building is clad in meandering facade strips staggered story by story, each with a three-dimensional shape that responds differently to its immediate urban surroundings. The gently sweeping vertical slat strips alert passers-by to the building entrances and give rise to terraces and covered spaces, emphasizing the facade‘s function as an interface between the building and the urban environment. The sharply rising topography of the surrounding area is used for internal organization of the shopping center and enables ground-level access to three of the four story’s. The spacious entrances open onto the cityscape, inviting people to explore the urban setting inside. Vertical ceramic slats in eleven different shades are a key element of the facade strips. Based on the pit-fired bricks typical of the region, they brighten up the city with their subtle blend of colors.

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