Project type: Research Building

Fraunhofer IVV

With the IVV extension building for the „Food“ section of the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging, a new facility offering 1,200 square meters of primary usable floor space has been created for a hygienic and GMP-appropriate (GMP = good manufacturing practice) food technology center with laboratories, warehousing and office space. Located on the …

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The Francis Crick Institute

This biomedical research institute has moved into new premises in the London Borough of Camden. A strong architectural relationship is established between the new building and the surrounding historic buildings. Both the brickwork and the strikingly designed roof are reminiscent of the neighboring St Pancras railway station. The façade is constructed from TERRART®-Solid panels, which are solid ceramic elements cast onto concrete. …

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The Biomedical Centre, University of Marburg

The Biomedical Centre at the University of Marburg was the first completed part of a research complex, which is to be followed by further construction phases. The light-coloured panel of the TERRART®-LARGE system emphasises the future-oriented character of the institution.

Nuclear Emergency Assistance & Training Center, Japan

The contrast between the harsh metal surface and the warm, organic radiance of the terracotta panels – in the TERRART®-LARGE system variant here – is what makes up the compact and simultaneously elegant character of this polygonal building.

Biomedical Centre, Planegg-Martinsried

The building complex of the new bio center in Planegg-Martinsried combines learning, research and administration under one roof. For the construction, the focus was on using raw materials, the planning authorities’ principal aim being that the university building blended in organically with the environment. The façade materials achieve the required harmony: while the laboratory wing, …

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Biolaboratory Building Stein, Basel

The narrow, linear Stein biolaboratory building in Basel required careful proportioning of the TERRART®-MID system components. The end result once again testifies to the variety offered by the system: any desired configuration in terms of height/length ratio is feasible.

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