Anggerek Desa Technology Park Phase 3, Brunei

Located in the capital of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan, Anggerek Desa Technology Park Phase 3 was a prestigious project for P.A.Y. Architects and NBK by Hunter Douglas. After a year of intense construction activities, it is now ready to cater to international and local companies in the creative and information technology industry. Initiated by the BEDB, the USD 14 million Design & Technology (D&T) building, together with a multi-storey car park, was designed to complement the establishment of the iCentre and Knowledge Hub as a step in progressing towards a full-fledged Anggerek Desa Technology Park (ADTP). The project features a “green” office building with a Green Mark Gold Certification from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. Tenants include world renowned companies such as Autodesk, SideFX and Beijing Sesame World Technologies Ltd. The new building houses various facilities, such as an auditorium, mini theatre/studio, teleconference rooms, meetings rooms, and training rooms as well as a cafeteria. The use of Hunter Douglas NBK Terracotta Façade panels allows the architect, P.A.Y. Architects, the creative freedom to contrast the modernity of glass with the traditional art of terracotta.  Additionally, a key feature of these panels is the proprietary façade solutions. NBK Terracotta Façade is a ventilated curtain wall / rainscreen system whose exposed components are made exclusively from terracotta.  Using a ventilated system, water is moved away from building envelopes, a natural chimney effect is thus created, keeping the building dry to reduce maintenance as well as to save energy.

Anggerek Desa Technology Park Phase 3 Brunei, NBK TERRART Anggerek Desa Technology Park Phase 3 Brunei, NBK TERRART Anggerek Desa Technology Park Phase 3 Brunei, NBK TERRART


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