Project type: Official Building

German Embassy Bern

The embassy building has been extended to include a new office wing, which is directly connected to the existing building. By emphasising simplicity and unobtrusiveness over the traditional style of the old building, the extension is architecturally restrained, which, in turn, lends it its own signifi cance. The sole decorative element is the terracotta façade, whose delicate details such as rounded …

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NAK Zürich


Memorial Heroica Escuela Naval

The Mexican Naval Academy has built a historical and commemorative monument on its premises in memory of those who died defending the Port of Veracruz in 1914. The building consists of a monumental structure and a 35-metre-high lighthouse with a range of 10 nautical miles that serves as a navigation aid. 3,300 square metres of …

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Washington Mutual Art Museum Project

The vertical arrangement emphasizes the character of the building: the slender and aspiring towers of the Washington Mutual, which are for the most part covered with glass, are extremely prominent. By contrast, the light TERRART® plates which are used to accentuate and in their entirety form almost the „backbone“ of the tower construction, are attached …

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Shopping Center Hoofddorp

The façade of Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport is dominated by TERRART®-SOLID panels in varying colour tones, formats and surface structures, with profiling and corrugations. Thanks to the harmonious arrangement of the different ceramic elements, the earthy red-brown exterior presents a clear pattern, while the internal building parts, with their light, smooth cladding, are visually somewhat subdued. …

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Evelina Childrens Hospital

This futuristic steel construction, resembling a Ferris wheel, and massive glass frontages, which provide an unusually open view, is not what one normally expects a hospital to look like: the children’s hospital in London is an architectural highlight of a particular quality. Functionality and aesthetics combine successfully here. Colorful accents are set by the powerful …

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EXPO Station Vinnhorst

The alternation of horizontal and vertical structuring determines the interesting optical effect of this façade. With the TERRART®-LARGE system, this special design requirement was easily met.

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