Project type: Official Building

Customs Building Freihafen, Hamburg

A special vividness characterizes the façade of the customs area at the free port in Hamburg, which was achieved by means of a special reduction fire. Every panel is unique. The material, fired close to its sintering point, is characterized by the shiny, metallic surface and a color shading scheme rich in nuances.

Jamaica Street Car Park, Glasgow

Multi-story car parks don’t have to be bluff and ugly. A refreshing example of how things can be done differently has sprung up in the center of Glasgow. TERRART® Large elements on the solid parts of the building and double baguettes in front of the apertures create open parking decks that are nevertheless protected by …

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Ascot Racecours

Royal Ascot returned to its Berkshire home in June 2006. Her Majesty The Queen officially opened the racecourse on the opening day of Royal Ascot, Tuesday 20th June. The racecourse has undergone a major redevelopment programme, the largest of its type anywhere in Europe. In just 18 month, the old stand was demolished and the …

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Krankenhaus St. Georg, Hamburg

The half-round fillets of the façade of St Georg’s Hospital in Hamburg were made entirely by hand at the NBK workshops. It is this very mixture of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production methods that determines the charm of the material, which constantly inspires architects to find surprising detail solutions with its natural beauty.

Postbank, Leipzig

A prefabricated, pre-jointed TERRART®-SOLID façade system was adopted for the Postbank Leipzig scheme. This façade combines rationalized production and erection methods with an appealing aesthetic, the circular columns constituting the most striking design feature. Based on traditional principles, any conceivable special unit can be manufactured – a prospect that offers boundless opportunities to architects.

Bois Colombe Europe Avenue, Paris

This predominantly glass and steel façade owes its distinctive character and structure to the sparingly deployed TERRART®- LARGE panels, which highlight individual glass areas, like a framework. The depth of the building is particularly enhanced by this light strip. At the rear façade, the architecture is reminiscent of an overlapping structure. Here too, the use …

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Bibliothek Oldham

The library building represents an addition to the Oldham Gallery, which explains the very deliberate use of the same materials: glass, concrete and terracotta set the tone. The concrete blends with the grey of the adjoining natural stone buildings. The special colour of orange red was chosen for the ceramic elements, which create a bright …

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Raiffeisenbank, Emmerich

A TERRART®-MID façade system was used to refurbish the Raiffeisenbank in Emmerich. The contemporary styling and inviting atmosphere of the building express the corporate philosophy, while establishing the bank building as the focus of business life in the town on the Lower Rhine.

Sparkasse Bank, Gronau

The refurbishment scheme for the Sparkasse bank in Gronau – featuring a TERRART®-MID façade system – is a prime illustration of a harmonious ensemble achieved through the concerted efforts of client, architect and supplier. The result is an architectural composition capable of inspiring an entire region.

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