Project type: Mixed-Use

52 53 51st and Oak Street

With Whole Foods anchoring the first floor of a new mixeduse residential tower in a coveted pocket of Kansas City, the architect wanted to add a sophisticated pop of color. The architect envisioned an earthy green color scheme that paid homage to the grocer’s signage, introduced an alluring, satiny polish to the façade, and yet …

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NAK Zürich


The Portal

The Portal, Irvine Leisure Centre is a Community, Culture & recreation Centre in Ayrshire. As you walk into the building you can’t help but be compelled by the huge foyer where the modern building meets the traditional Townhouse. The venue will be a place for sports, leisure, art exhibitions and cultural events. The facility was cladded with …

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Kohlfirst Center

Sophisticated structural engineering, a good design and highly environmentally sound materials give this new building a strong identity. In terms of style, the architecture is reminiscent of a classical building in a very modern guise. Starkly delineated with high, uniform window openings, the residential and nursing home for the elderly looks consistently spacious, light and …

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Bureaux Opale

A former industrial site in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon has been completely rehabilitated and transformed into an architecturally appealing residential area complete with shops, restaurants and public facilities. Offices have been built in one part of the former industrial premises – the new branch of the Banque Postale provides a hint at the area’s …

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Ecourban 22@

3,000 square metres of TERRART®-Mid in brickred have been installed on the façade of this spacious hotel complex. The sloping lines forming the striking corners, which are continued through to the window formats, are also particularly remarkable. The terracotta panels have been cut exactly to size. The use of light grey as a complementary colour …

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Haagse Hoge Huis

The imposing building complex of residential and commercial units consists of a total of nine separate buildings that enclose a spacious atrium. The exclusive waterfront location is also emphasized by the use of large expanses of glass. What’s particularly impressive is the colour combination that dominates the facades: the elegant anthra – cite of the …

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Les Portes d’Arcueil

This Parisian office and retail complex consists of several buildings, which as an entity reflect a classical style: sober, elegant, with the exterior presenting an almost aloof face to the onlooker. The facades are configured in different ways, with the colour of the cladding alternating between light and anthracite shades. The dark grey TERRART® Large …

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