Bureaux Opale

A former industrial site in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon has been completely rehabilitated and transformed into an architecturally appealing residential area complete with shops, restaurants and public facilities. Offices have been built in one part of the former industrial premises – the new branch of the Banque Postale provides a hint at the area’s original usage. Black, paint-infused ceramic façade elements give the ensemble a quiet and high-class paint finish and ensure a uniform appearance. The TERRART® elements are laid out in a strong, horizontal form so that they produce a plastic striped look that breathes life into the dark areas. The white window reveals form a fresh contrast with this.


Bureaux Opale Bureaux Opale Bureaux Opale Bureaux Opale


Matthias Roquette
Email: m.roquette@harpage.com

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