Product: TERRART® Shingle

GWA Gemeente Waterleidingen, Amsterdam

The successful combination of glass and ceramics creates interesting effects at the building complex of the Amsterdam City Utilities. In addition, the TERRART®-SHINGLE façade, with its scale-like overlapping of the units, ensures significant shadow formations, which emphasize the horizontal partitioning of the building.

Hospital North, Vienna

The sheer size of the new hospital building is cause for admiration: the developed area covers 51,000 square metres! At first glance, the building complex does not seem like a typical hospital; integrated in a vast expanse of green and enlivened with expansive roof gardens, the connection to nature is undeniable. The manually applied brownish …

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Fraunhofer Institut, Duisburg

Objectivity and great transparency: the building’s exterior expresses, what is also important where technical developments – the speciality of the FraunhoferInstitut in Duisburg – are concerned. The clear façade structure is striking for its dichotomy of glass and terracotta. The reddish TERRART® elements consist of profiled panels, which were also used as ceiling lining for …

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