Center for Inclusive Education – Konya

The “Center for Inclusive Education” in Konya adapts to the local style of architecture. The façade has been designed to match the mud-brick houses of the villages. These building stocks determined the style of the building during the planning phase. The complex consists of a collection of buildings, with an inner pedestrian zone.

The façade consists of terracotta baguettes that metaphorically refer to the local use of clay bricks in the villages. The terracotta façade forms a double façade through its rear ventilation for shading and temperature control inside the building.

The complex consists of a mixture of public and private use. It includes a cafeteria, a multi-purpose hall, sports facilities, a swimming pool, a horse farm and agricultural land. The centre also offers courses and accommodation for children with autism.

As an appreciation for the architectural design, the project was awarded as a finalist at the “World Architecture Festival 2017”.

Architect: Teget


Hakan Dinc
Mobile: +90 – 533 205 48 69

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