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M 2.01-0

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Amphia Ziekenhuis

Amphia Hospital With the construction of three new hospital buildings to complement the existing hospital, Amphia Ziekenhuis is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and is considered a state-of-the-art hospital with a highly specialised range of clinical services. Vertically aligned terracotta elements in an XXL format in several natural shades from light beige

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Volksbank eG Neu-Ulm

Volksbank eG Neu-Ulm

One reason for the trend towards natural terracotta with natural colours and textures is certainly the predicate of sustainability that manifests itself in this form of terracotta façade. In addition, the ceramic, as a natural, stable building material designed for a very long life, is equipped with virtually unlimited resistance to rain, frost and chemical

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560 Garage

In University City, an area of St. Louis that’s bustling with Washington University arts and music events and activities, close attention to architectural detail illustrates how a functional parking garage can be transformed into a design statement. The parking garage, elevated in style with multi-colored vertical TERRART® Baguettes, is a far cry from utilitarian concrete and pre-cast designs, which are becoming

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Library Deventer

Library Deventer

The newly build a library in Deventer (Netherlands) was built in 2018. It was built on the market in the middle of the city, on the cellars of an old bank building. The building is open and bright. Bierman Henket Architecten was commissioned with the planning and implementation of the project. The library is an

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Radisson Blu Riyadh

Radisson Blu Riyadh

Radisson Blu Riyadh is designed and engineered by Omrania. One of the most important design elements is the high-performance facade system, in which NBK terracotta is used. Designed specifically for the climate of Riyadh, the facade system works in tandem with structural overhangs and terraced setbacks to provide shading. The facade is made of TERRART®-Baguette and TERRART®-Mid. Omrania

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Houses of Parliament Education Center

Houses of Parliament Education Center

The new, long and single-storey building is home to the education centre for pupils visiting the Houses of Parliament. The premises are modelled on the chambers of Parliament and every year offer up to 100,000 young people the opportunity to engage intensively with the country’s political history. The forward-looking project fits in exceptionally well with its surroundings and serves as a

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