Silky gloss enhancement of any facade The coloured finish with which the ceramic elements of the new series are coated has been adjusted by the NBK development engineers in such a way that a new type of silk-gloss surface is created after firing. The impression is extremely high-quality without being obtrusive. Soft pastel shades contribute to this, which, in symbiosis with the silky luster, develop a very special decorative effect. The special development of the line also permits more intensive, penetrating colors, so that the spectrum of alternatives is very broad. Satin Glazes is a new type of ceramic that opens up new concepts for façade architecture as a creative design line with its own unique effect.

The Satin Glazes refinement increases the mechanical and chemical resistance of the ceramic carrier material. The subsequent firing also ensures the high, sustainable NBK quality standard for this ceramic line. Natural raw materials can be used to realize exactly the colour shades that architects design for their objects.

Thus, the new TERRART® facade system is the key to giving ceramic ventilated facades an unmistakable, silk-gloss profile. Architects, in search of individual solutions, can thus realize profiled, creative ceramic facades.

EM6 218 15RAL3028 Kopie
EM6 218 2RAL1033 Kopie
EM6 218 1RAL1016 Kopie
EM6 218 94RAL4008 Kopie
EM6 218 87RAL4005 Kopie
EM6 218 23RAL6018 Kopie
EM6 218 22RAL5024 Kopie
EM6 218 16RAL5005 Kopie

The silk gloss finishes shown here are only a small selection from our extensive colour palette. In the following we show you some examples of completed projects.

Torre Forma Itaim, São Paulo


B720 Fermín Vázquez, Madrid

Forma Itaim SP web

Above a base building with sports facilities, restaurants and event space, 25 floors of residential units rise to form a slender, elegant tower, which is broken up halfway up by a glass incision. The façade is covered with large-format glazed terracotta elements which, mounted vertically, mark the floor heights. According to a finely tuned colour concept, the elements are combined in different colour combinations to form a striped motif. The result is a modular structure in which each apartment can be recognized as a unit by the surrounding coloured frame.

Satin Glazes Collage
9437 68 klein
9295 227 klein
9295 226 klein
9295 199 klein
9395 7 klein
9295 222 klein

Repino, St. Petersburg


Vladimir Grigoriev

Repino web

The unusual, imposing building structure wears an equally unusual dress: horizontally mounted, narrow slabs of different colour families create an intense striped look that sets the entire complex apart from its surroundings. The darkest colour of the spectrum was used for the flat porch to make it blend into the overall picture. The ceramic, which is formed in different profiles, captivates with its silky gloss glazed and wavy surface.

Satin Glazes Collage Repino
EM6 218 87RAL4005 square
EM6-218-87 RAL4005
Engobe6 9295 175
Engobe 9295 2
Engobe79295 106
EM6 218 94RAL4008 square

Biblioteca Reína Sofía, Leganés


BN Arquitectos, Madrid

RH2736 0005 Biblioteka web

The deep crisis in the country’s construction industry had led to a construction freeze on the library in 2011, which was to last eight years in total. With power and energy, the work was now completed and the building, which is well worth seeing, was put to its purpose. The colourfully glazed terracotta in curved shapes symbolizes the spine of a book and tells something about the contents even on the exterior facade. Colours, shapes and surfaces were developed especially for this purpose. The fact that the long storage time of the prefabricated material has not detracted from its quality, radiance and expressiveness speaks for itself and proves once again the stability of value and durability of this natural material.

Satin Glazes Collage Biblioteka
Engobe79295 106
Engobe6 9295 175
Engobe2 9295 199
Engobe 9295 2
EM6 218 2RAL1033 square
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