Colour: M 1.01-0 natural

M 1.01-0

EVER.S Am Oertelplatz

The EVER.S at Oertelplatz is a meeting point, marketplace and shopping centre at the same time – the new Mitte München -Allach´s.  With a terracotta façade mixed with three natural colours and thus very lively, visitors are to be attracted to the newly opened centre.

Albion Library

With its polychrome curtain of TERRART® baguettes, the new library clearly stands out from its surroundings and provides a friendly, open and playful contrast to the asphalt and concrete streetscape. The ceramic shield presents a double structure of terracotta panels and applied baguettes, resulting in a three-dimensional façade. At the corners, the cladding is elevated, …

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Wilton Place

This successful example of modern architecture in London primarily uses clear, unemotional and sober design language that has a strong emphasis on straight lines and clearly defi ned structures. Despite this, the staggered, graduated design still manages to create a sense of tension and excitement. The façade materials that are used follow a clear pattern: …

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Volksbank Nordmünsterland

The sober architecture of this five-storey administrative building calls for a plain façade design. The light beige hue of the ceramic panels used is friendly but not imposing. Only a low pedestal is accented in dark grey. The wide window apertures create a horizontal emphasis, but this is balanced by the imposing columns. The large-format …

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Scandic Hotel

At first sight, the façade of sandcoloured TERRART® panels and glass appears somewhat drab: however, closer inspection reveals a spectacular design. With the constantly varying arrangement of narrow, medium and wide window elements, an entire range of „pictures“ has emerged both vertically and horizontally. The observer nevertheless has an impression of inner order.

Interni Material Immaterial

The major exhibition-event INTERNI MATERIAL IMMATERIAL (3-15 April) will be organized in the historic courtyards of the Università degli Studi di Milano, at the Orto Botanico di Brera, at the former Seminario Arcivescovile and at the Campus Mondadori, during the FuoriSalone 2017 (3-9 April). The exhibition-event of INTERNI, which reaches its 20th edition in 2017, …

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University of Commerce of Osaka

The design of the building of the Osaka University of Commerce, Japan, is aimed at an open higher education institution in a new age. The components are a library, a room for open lectures as well as classrooms for adult education. The baguette units of the west façade produce a Venetian blind effect that screens vision and the sun, and at the same time …

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LA MUELA Zaragoza

SPANISH EYES will be fascinated by the view of this TERRART®-BAGUETTE-facade. Our latest project LA MUELA in Zaragoza, Spain, proofs the versatility but also the adaptability of our TERRART®-BAGUETTEs. Despite the spectaculary independence of the material it matches perfectly and harmonical with the typical traditional and customary building materials. Because of the clever sloping position …

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