South Molton Street Building, London

It has already been likened to the Flat Iron Building of London, a red spine of a book, or a “burgundy tongue in the beak of a fantasy bird“ – the new build residential and office building is a bold architectural design that triggers a wave of different associations. The impressive building dominates the open space in front of it and acts as a landmark that helps people find their way around. Alongside the unconventional shape, the design of the façade is particularly striking, comprising vertically arranged, pillar-shaped ceramic elements. The unusual shapes and the special color of the glazed panels were specially developed by NBK for this project, which – despite its exceptional originality – blends harmoniously into its surroundings.

DSDHA Architects|London
South Molton Street Building, London


John Wimbush
Mobile: +44 (0) 7971 062 681

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