Rehabilitation Clinic Zihlschlacht

Profiled façade ceramics underline modern building appearance

The rehabilitation clinic in Zihlschlacht, Switzerland, knows how to shine! In addition to the modern, cubist form of the building, the profiled façade ceramics act as an element of modernity.
The symbiosis of ceramic façade surfaces in a vertical wide window bands and opening large-format glass structures in the area of the ground floor, integrated into a green outdoor and recreation area can be described as very appealing. The vertically arranged ceramic elements are laid out in large formats. The height of the storey is achieved with only two panels on top of each other. The cantilevered form of the profiling, similar to long bars, creates an alternation of heights and
and depths, with the widths also varying. The diversity of the profiling results in a harmonious, extravagant picture, with a special play of light and shade. Depending on the location, light and shade create a vital liveliness that draws the observer in. The façade effect is supported by the natural shade of white which contrast with the dark window profiles.

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