London Wall Place

Two building complexes in a rhythmic vista of ever-changing heights – one rising to sixteen storeys, the other rising to twelve stories. This complex of office buildings compellingly incorporates and merges itself into the more than 4,000 m2 of public green space: a park, which runs between the two buildings, and more than 3,000 m2 of further greenery in landscaped roof gardens offer residents and guests alike space for rest and relaxation among the more than 46,000 m2 of usable floor space.

The ceramic façade covers the slender spaces between the high window surfaces, framing the windows and creating a highly expressive profile. These vertical columns rise to a height of more than five metres between the window surfaces. When viewed in cross-section, they project outwards like a pitched roof, which not only heightens their framing effect but also increases the overall ceramic content. The ultra-exclusive appearance of the façade is further enhanced by the choice of a deep-blue glaze which is specially customised according to the manufacturer. The high-gloss finish changes depending on the weather: when exposed to strong sunlight, the façade takes on a deep-blue colour; when the sky is cloudy, however, it appears almost black. This blue-black glaze was created following extensive testing over long periods in NBK’s development laboratory.

36,000 single ceramic elements of different cuts and lengths and with three different cross-sections had been pre-assembled and shipped to London. The total area covers 6,200 m2, as big as a football pitch of 105 x 59 metres. This interplay of façade designs enhances the attractiveness of the architectural concept, making London Wall Place a brand-new highlight in the City of London.

London Wall Place London Wall Place London Wall Place London Wall Place London Wall Place


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