Capital Square Vaci 76

The development of Budapest into a prospering business location is creating new architectural landmarks such as the Capital Square office complex. Oriented to the requirements of the 21st century, the complex has six towers, each with eight stories, and a total floor space of 32,500 square meters, which combine the most modern furnishings with a high degree of quality and value. Architecturally, low-key accents were applied that ensure a harmonious union with the surroundings. The bright terracotta façades from TERRART®-Large and TERRART®-Baguette elements blend into the color scheme of the adjacent buildings. The buildings receive a distinctive touch with the striking column-supported canopy and the dark grey building front with the main entrance. The ground floor is reserved for restaurants and shops and serves as a „meeting point“, as do the green spaces and inner courtyards created by the L-shaped building structure.

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