1000 Maine Ave SW

At the centerpiece trophy-class office building at The Wharf, Washington DC’s new waterfront destination, the architect incorporated a striking, unitized curtainwall application of custom vertical and horizontal TERRART®. The terracotta frames large-scale glass windows, which offer ample light and picturesque views of boat piers along a mile-long stretch of the Potomac River. Glazed white tiles coupled with soft orange add dimensional character with textural variations of natural flat and corduroy finishes and fluted profiles. TERRART® adds a final finishing accent at this “next generation” workplace building, which is surrounded by eleven other mixed-use structures and retail pavilions in this area driven by lifestyle.
Rather than using painted metal in this picture-frame application, the architect opted for terracotta, which requires significantly less  maintenance and can withstand salt accumulation and high humidity conditions associated with waterfront settings.

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