Product: TERRART® Mid

Residenz am Postplatz

It was a piece of jewellery – the Oberpostdirektion in Dresden, built in 1876 in the style of the Italian Renaissance. Together with the neighbouring telegraph office it shaped the picture of the Postplatz. Now it is being given a new perspective. Since 2016, the old Oberpostdirektion has been transformed into the “Residenz am Postplatz”. …

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52 53 51st and Oak Street

With Whole Foods anchoring the first floor of a new mixeduse residential tower in a coveted pocket of Kansas City, the architect wanted to add a sophisticated pop of color. The architect envisioned an earthy green color scheme that paid homage to the grocer’s signage, introduced an alluring, satiny polish to the façade, and yet …

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Element 28 Apartments

In Bethesda, an upscale suburb of Washington DC, it is impossible to miss this distinctly bright side of a luxury apartment building, which calls for attention with a deep red terracotta. At a bustling intersection, the colorful addition to the cityscape stands out, and is only further enhanced with a unique double-fired glazed finish. This …

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Radisson Blu Riyadh

Radisson Blu Riyadh is designed and engineered by Omrania. One of the most important design elements is the high-performance facade system, in which NBK terracotta is used. Designed specifically for the climate of Riyadh, the facade system works in tandem with structural overhangs and terraced setbacks to provide shading. The facade is made of TERRART®-Baguette and TERRART®-Mid. Omrania …

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NAK Zürich



KVV Stockholm currently, the largest inner-city biomass-fired combined heat and power plant in the world, it has a unique architectural form. The vaulted façade is surrounded by slender terracotta elements with a warm red shade that imitates the bricks of the historic buildings nearby, and these elements are arranged in such a way that views are possible from the inside. …

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Airport Zurich, Terminal 2

To improve the look and functionality of the terminal, the building has been refurbished inside and out. Mediumsized TERRART® Mid panels produced according to project specifications were chosen for the façade renovation; with bevel-cut corner elements rounding everything off perfectly. The light frontages are only interrupted by dark casement windows, and the stacked bond gives …

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Fureai Plaza

This building bears more than a passing resemblance to Japanese tea houses and has a peaceful, balanced air. The various building sections are clearly separated from each other and retain a certain autonomy. The façade design with TERRART® elements focuses on natural, timber-like colors and precise structuring.

Village Community Centre

The new community and meeting centre in the small town of Zimmern is very inviting and open. Its large windows afford views into the interior. The TERRART®-MID elements delimit the functional areas, cleverly concealing the latter. The friendly, light colour of the terracotta panels can also be found in the ceiling area, which has a …

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