Colour: M 9.10-0 natural

M 9.10-0

Wildwood Corporate Centre

Office buildings and outdoor facilities blend in perfect harmony: natural greenery and an expansive pond landscape frame the semicircular new building, whose fully glazed frontage is adorned with a curtain of randomly arranged terracotta baguettes in the entrance area. The dark brown elements give the impression of looking through a louvre of branches that generate …

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Bureaux Indochine

This impressive multi-purpose building complex, which is situated in a desirable location and commands stunning views of downtown Paris, is home to offices, a hotel, restaurants, shops and student accommodation. It is divided into two thematically distinct units, which nonetheless combine to create a harmonious ensemble. The façade design emphasises this division: the projecting building section, which forms the central axis, …

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Centro Comercial Ballonti

This shopping center, in contrast to many others, is not distinguished by an impressive height and multi-floor structure. It‘s a two-story complex that is convincing in its simplicity. From the outside, huge swatches of enclosed surfaces are visible, evenly covered with reddish-brown terracotta panels and interrupted only by narrow light panes made of blue-green glass. …

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