Novo Nordisk Innovation Center, Bagsværd

The wedge-shaped building has four storeys and covers a total area of 17,700 m2. Possessing its own unmistakeable appearance, it blends in perfectly with the hilly landscape and acts as a complement to the neighbouring circular building. The wedged geometry creates a continuous sequence of lower, polygonal buildings, providing the perfect setting for the unifying centrepiece formed by the circular main building. The architecture aims to create a dynamic environment in which people can meet up and so promote synergies between employees from different specialist fields and between employees and guests from all over the world. This was the vision behind the plans for the new company headquarters. The exteriors of the new buildings are characterised by their clear and simple lines. Like brightly shining strips, the terracotta cladding made from white, glazed ceramic panels adorns the façade, follows its curves and spiral loops with the utmost precision and contributes significantly to the building’s striking visual impact.


Henning Larsen Architects
Novo Nordisk Innovation Center, Bagsværd


Henning Thomsen
Mobile: 0045-20-754840

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