House of Music Innsbruck

Outstanding terracotta façade at House of Music in Innsbruck

“We deliberately chose a high-quality façade that is hidden behind the trees and reflects the colours and lighting moods of the surroundings.” – Erich Strolz

The terracotta facade of the House of music is something special. The vertically structured terracotta elements are coated with a customized dark glaze for this project that shines in different nuances in the sunlight. The design language of vertically profiled, cantilevered elements is attracting more and more attention. This creative current, one can even speak of a trend, creates completely new impressions for the observer and offers the architect a novel, individual design of his concepts. The building invites you to come in.

The House of Music includes several cultural institutions on six levels and more than 13,000 square metres. These include the Kammerspiele with stage and the auditorium for 220 people, two concert halls with 510 and 100 seats, the Landeskonservatorium, the Institute for Musicology at the University of Innsbruck and the Mozarteum.

The cantilevered forms plus the matching glazes create extravagant worlds of grace, as well as a new vitality through the interplay of light and shadow depending on the incidence of light and location. In addition, the terracotta element, which is predominantly designed in a long profile, picks up on the vertical fastening, which complements the previously customary horizontal type of suspension.

NBK as the manufacturer of these terracotta elements supported the team of architects during the planning of this outstanding project. With the help of our experts, the cross-section, fastening and glaze were developed and realised. The floor-to-ceiling ceramic curtain protects the glazed surfaces from solar radiation. In addition, the façade makes the building stand out in contrast between the beige, yellow and white neighbouring buildings.

The facade with vertically structured terracotta elements, which with their special dark glaze – from blackish to dark/reddish-violet iridescent surfaces – make extravagant worlds of grace possible, make a decisive contribution to this. The overhanging form, designed as a long profile, creates a play of colours, an experience of light and shadow, which enables a new liveliness and supports communication with the population and the public. But not enough for the exciting effects depending on the lighting situation, transparent surfaces with ceramic rods arranged as slats and large-format window surfaces, plus closed surfaces, continue the light-dark contrast.

This contrast is further enhanced by the monumental staircase inside. Here, the towering side walls in the dark ceramic, corresponding to the white of the floor and counter-rotating staircases, provide an extraordinary experience. Illuminated by a lighting concept that creates the impression of an atrium, particularly through a strictly structured glass roof.

Image material © Klaus Brandes Photography

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Erich Strolz / Dietrich Untertrifaller
House of Music Innsbruck House of Music Innsbruck House of Music Innsbruck House of Music Innsbruck House of Music Innsbruck House of Music Innsbruck House of Music Innsbruck


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