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Lincoln House Deansgate

The Lincoln House in Deansgate, Manchester is decorated with a very challenging and unique façade! It’s designed with extruded TERRARTLARGE and TERRARTCUSTOM elements in outstanding formats and shapes, which creates an extraordinary variety of forms. The natural red brick colour of the components gives the building a rustic look!

Children's Hospital of Atlanta, NBK TERRART

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Center for Advanced Pediatrics

The 250,000-square-metre paediatric centre is the fulfilment of a concept that addresses the increased demand for paediatric care in future generations and provides easier access to an array of different medical services within this field. A diverse range of specialists, state-of-the-art and outpatient care are all combined here under one roof. The architecture harmonises functionality …

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Biblioteca Reína Sofía

The deep crisis in the country’s construction industry led to a halt in construction of the library in 2011, which lasted a total of eight years. At that time, the façade was only partially assembled – the new building, designed as a gem, presented itself in an unfortunate, unfinished condition. But what lasted for a …

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Paradise Circus

Paradise is the most important development Birmingham has seen in a generation. In the past it was a place where arts, learning and commerce flourished side by side, and its latest transformation sees it inspiring a new generation of visitors, residents, thinkers and doers. The architects chose a grey-white speckle glaze specially developed for the …

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St Albans Place

St. Albans Place, a new student residency for Select Property Group as part of the Vita Student Brand, is moving forward. The 19-storey development will comprise 380 student rooms/studios – a mixture of single and double occupancy, communal space located around a central hub, retail space and plant hub. The appearance of the building involves …

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Windmill Green, 24 Mount Street

Clear blue-green glazed terracotta elements in a special shape encase the office building designed by tp bennett. The architects design of the shapes was inspired by the historical terracotta facade of the adjoining Midland Hotel. Despite its modern design, the building blends perfectly into the surrounding historic streetscape of Manchester.

House of Music Innsbruck

Outstanding terracotta façade at House of Music in Innsbruck “We deliberately chose a high-quality façade that is hidden behind the trees and reflects the colours and lighting moods of the surroundings.” – Erich Strolz The terracotta facade of the House of music is something special. The vertically structured terracotta elements are coated with a customized …

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Streatham & Clapham, High School

As part of the renovation, the London girls’ school was extended to include dining and entrance areas, which form an attractive contrast to the existing building with their expressive façade. The black, glazed ceramic consists of concave elements that, having been mounted vertically, give the effect of a curtain. Brightly coloured TERRART® Baguettes in front of the new and expanded staircases …

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Mapleton Crescent

Unique in shape and colour, the slim tower is a landmark in central London and, with its 27 storeys, offers a spectacular view of the city. The slender silhouette stands on a triangular base. Inside are high-quality living spaces, each with a rectangular layout. The façade design is also remarkable: vertically mounted, fluted ceramic elements in an expressive semitransparently applied turquoise-green underscore …

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Langgasse Baar

The geometric, cuboid design chosen for the residential and commercial building is broken up by the exterior design: the terracotta elements that have been reduction-fired on a very light biscuit have triangular profiles that change in both colour and appearance depending on the light and the perspective of the observer. The vertical arrangement gives the building the illusion of length.

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