Claremont McKenna College – Roberts Pavilion

Modelled like a sensuous sculpture and powerfully set centre-stage, the college’s fitness and recreation centre is a real draw on the campus, both visually and in terms of its facilities. The streamlined shape and terracotta panels create a homogeneous exterior. Surrounding the facade are vertically mounted, ultra-large-format, light-cream panels, which are broken up by slim, glazed strips interspersed at irregular intervals to provide colourful highlights. Single- and doublefiring techniques were employed to create different colours – white, yellow or red. With the rounded window cut-outs, protrusions jutting out obliquely from the wall and the numerous different angles, the design required a high standard of workmanship, a challenge overcome thanks to the use of various formats and complicated cuts.

John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects


Bud Streff
Mobile: (781) 929-0106

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