Colour: M 4.01-0 natural

M 4.01-0

Collège Michel Vignaud MORANGIS

There can be no doubt studying is improved by a beautiful setting. This was the line of thought pursued by the clients of Collège Michel Vignaud when they gave the modern function building a highly appealing and varied shape. For the TERRART® façade, three warm natural/earth tones were chosen that perfectly complement each other and …

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Volksbank Rheine

The sober architecture of this five-storey administrative building calls for a plain façade design. The light beige hue of the ceramic panels used is friendly but not imposing. Only a low pedestal is accented in dark grey. The wide window apertures create a horizontal emphasis, but this is balanced by the imposing columns. The large-format …

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Holiday Inn, Clichy

The side surfaces of the corner building are – with the exception of the ground floor – clad in light-coloured TERRART® panels of a long narrow format. These panels fill the spaces between the windows in a kind of honeycomb pattern. The uniform horizontal steel bands create the impression of sliding doors that can be …

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Kantonschule Trogen

Architecture firm Kimlim, from St. Gallen, has dressed the new canteen at the high school (Kantonsschule) in highly effective „clothes“: a membrane façade made of non-bearing fine ceramic strips. What may look like baguettes are actually TERRART®-Solid elements installed lying on their sides to create the visual impression of rods or tubes. Positioned at varying distances, when viewed from further away the …

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Tårnby Gymnasium, Kastrup

The new music centre for the Tårnby secondary school is an impressive example of simplicity and clarity and features unmistakable references to Asian architecture: the visible method of construction, the simple, elementary materials, its naturalness and connectedness are strongly evocative of a Japanese pavilion. The façade elements, which comprise TERRART® Baguettes in sorano beige, have …

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Raiffeisenbank, Matzingen

Shaped, glazed TERRART®-Large panels in a light grey hue with a delicate mottle upgrade the side wall of the bank building – the corrugated structure of the ceramic is clearly visible and is picked up on again in the narrow baguettes that are attached as semitransparent window parapets.

Donaupark Linz

The spacious housing area comprises several building complexes and houses more than 400 apartments. The architectural concept places a clear emphasis on a horizontal structure. Horizontal window and balcony openings alternate with matching closed ceramic surfaces that appear to be covered in fine, horizontal lines. The arrangement of the light TERRART®  facade elements with varying profiles …

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Griesgasse, Ulm

This elegant housing complex catches the eye with its unusually distinctive shape. The alignment of the building‘s façade is constantly indented or protruding, creating a relaxed, contemporary overall impression. Bright and inviting ceramic elements comprising terracotta baguettes with a sweeping profile surround the large window and balcony openings. The TERRART® Large panels incorporate the profiles …

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