Colour: M 4.01-0 natural

M 4.01-0

Washington Mutual Art Museum Project

The vertical arrangement emphasizes the character of the building: the slender and aspiring towers of the Washington Mutual, which are for the most part covered with glass, are extremely prominent. By contrast, the light TERRART® plates which are used to accentuate and in their entirety form almost the „backbone“ of the tower construction, are attached …

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Chamber of Crafts, Copenhagen

A perfect match of traditional and modern: the floor plan and building structure of the new chamber of crafts building resemble the old warehouses in the neighbourhood. The TERRART®- BAGUETTES mounted around the glass façades recall the shape of the balcony railings of the surrounding architecture, enabling the new building to blend in effortlessly with …

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Bois Colombe Europe Avenue, Paris

This predominantly glass and steel façade owes its distinctive character and structure to the sparingly deployed TERRART®- LARGE panels, which highlight individual glass areas, like a framework. The depth of the building is particularly enhanced by this light strip. At the rear façade, the architecture is reminiscent of an overlapping structure. Here too, the use …

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Hofgarten Palace, Munich

The Hofgarten Palace, a configuration of four office buildings in the centre of Munich, demonstrates the full diversity and complexity of the TERRART® concept. In accordance with the stipulations of the planners, more than 1000 special shapes were produced on the basis of the TERRART®-SOLID panel and assembled as prefabricated units. The result is an architectonic highlight in a refined, sophisticated environment. The principle of prefabricated façade elements …

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New Darwin Building, London

The façade of the Natural History Museum in London is generally regarded as the epitome of the classical terracotta façade, in its heyday at the turn of the century. The use of colour in the TERRART®-MID façade of the immediately adjoining New Darwin Building offers both a respectful nod to the historic neighbour and a contemporary interpretation of the theme.

90 Mt. Auburn Street (Harvard), Cambridge, MA

The façade of the Auburn University Building, rigorously structured with aluminium profiles, was clad with light beige TERRART®-LARGE panels, which emit a silver glimmer in the appropriate light. The small roofs over the windows that act as sunblinds – reminiscent of buildings by Le Corbusier – also follow the window areas over the corner.

Kendall Square, Boston

The façade of the Kendall Square building in Boston harks back to the local tradition of redbrick buildings. The warmth of the terracotta material contrasts with the translucent glass. The result is an exciting composition combining weightiness and lightness.

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