Colour: M 4.01-0 natural

M 4.01-0

560 Garage

In University City, an area of St. Louis that’s bustling with Washington University arts and music events and activities, close attention to architectural detail illustrates how a functional parking garage can be transformed into a design statement. The parking garage, elevated in style with multi-colored vertical TERRART® Baguettes, is a far cry from utilitarian concrete and pre-cast designs, which are becoming …

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Marmalade Library

The new library building has a captivating presence and identity, chiefly on account of its visible architectural hierarchy that draws a clear distinction between three levels: the ground floor forms the understated base, the second floor is emphasised by overhanging corner mouldings, and the roof structure with a small terrace rounds everything off. Impressive architectural …

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Victoria Street

An office building built in the centre of London in the 1980s have been given a new lease of life thanks to extensive renovation and expansion measures. The ground floor is now home to additional retail spaces while the entrance area has been expanded to twice the height and offers a stylish, inviting reception. The …

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Ministerie van Landbouw

During the expansion and renovation of the ministry of agriculture, the exterior design incorporated decorative elements that create references to agricultural themes: unique solid shapes composed of nine different elements that resemble leaves, ears and grains. The terracotta hue also conveys a sense of warmth and proximity to nature – clear indications of the professional …

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Les Portes d’Arcueil

This Parisian office and retail complex consists of several buildings, which as an entity reflect a classical style: sober, elegant, with the exterior presenting an almost aloof face to the onlooker. The facades are configured in different ways, with the colour of the cladding alternating between light and anthracite shades. The dark grey TERRART® Large …

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Washington Mutual Art Museum Project

The vertical arrangement emphasizes the character of the building: the slender and aspiring towers of the Washington Mutual, which are for the most part covered with glass, are extremely prominent. By contrast, the light TERRART® plates which are used to accentuate and in their entirety form almost the „backbone“ of the tower construction, are attached …

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Chamber of Crafts, Copenhagen

A perfect match of traditional and modern: the floor plan and building structure of the new chamber of crafts building resemble the old warehouses in the neighbourhood. The TERRART®- BAGUETTES mounted around the glass façades recall the shape of the balcony railings of the surrounding architecture, enabling the new building to blend in effortlessly with …

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