Kantonschule Trogen

Architecture firm Kimlim, from St. Gallen, has dressed the new canteen at the high school (Kantonsschule) in highly effective „clothes“: a membrane façade made of non-bearing fine ceramic strips. What may look like baguettes are actually TERRART®-Solid elements installed lying on their sides to create the visual impression of rods or tubes. Positioned at varying distances, when viewed from further away the light terracotta strips resemble a stack of logs or tree rings; however, on closer inspection they reveal themselves to be an open structure that allows the viewer to see the loadsupporting profiles and the dark skin of the façade. The three-dimensional design creates amazing impressions throughout the changing seasons, with nature fleshing out the creative design with additional meaning.


Reto Dörig
Email: rdo@gft-fassaden.swiss

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