Tårnby Gymnasium, Kastrup

The new music centre for the Tårnby secondary school is an impressive example of simplicity and clarity and features unmistakable references to Asian architecture: the visible method of construction, the simple, elementary materials, its naturalness and connectedness are strongly evocative of a Japanese pavilion. The façade elements, which comprise TERRART® Baguettes in sorano beige, have the effect of wooden strips. Arranged at apparently random intervals, they exude a natural, organic feel. The music centre accommodates a 365-square-metre concert hall with excellent acoustics and space for rehearsal and staff rooms. During planning, particular attention was paid to ensuring natural ventilation, passive cooling and plentiful daylight as well as to the use of renewable materials that conserve resources and do not harm the environment.


Henning Thomsen
Mobile: 0045-20-754840
Email: ht@c2elements.dk

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