Kohlfirst Center

Sophisticated structural engineering, a good design and highly environmentally sound materials give this new building a strong identity. In terms of style, the architecture is reminiscent
of a classical building in a very modern guise. Starkly delineated with high, uniform window openings, the residential and nursing home for the elderly looks consistently spacious, light and airy, thanks in no small part to the ceramic façade. It gains its simple elegance from the large format of the TERRART® Large elements, and rigorously continues the architectural principle with the alternation of smooth and undulating surfaces.

ARGE Meyer Stegemann Architekten AG|Hunkeler Hürzeler Architekten AG
Kohlfirst Center Kohlfirst Center Kohlfirst Center Kohlfirst Center


Reto Dörig
Email: rdo@gft-fassaden.swiss

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