Wisconsin Inst. for Discovery – WID-MIR

Two interdisciplinary research institutions under one roof: the public Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, which belongs to the university, and the private, non-profit Morgridge Institute for Research – both of which are dedicated to medical topics and work closely together. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and generous space, the newly constructed complexes were handed over to their intended use in 2010. Glass and terracotta dominate the facades. The terracotta cladding reveals two families of colours: a lighter, natural hue covers the central middle part of the building, while a darker hue was chosen for the left- and right-flanking side-wings, which also house the entrance portal. The colour effects that can be seen are the result of the different surfaces, with alternating peeled, brushed and profiled panels. The transparent outer cladding in the form of the baguettes in front of the stairwells accentuates the overall appearance by letting light inside.

Wisconsin Inst. for Discovery - WID-MIR



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