PEMA Gruppe, Innsbruck

The „Headline“ commercial property comprises some 23,000 square metres of floor space and is home to offices, residential accommodation and a hotel. On top of this, there are 3,500 square metres for bars, restaurants and retail outlets on the ground floor. The original idea behind this striking and interesting example of urban design was to create added value for tenants and owners and to upgrade and improve the district. The building comprises a twelve-storey tower and a stretched-out, slightly angled flat building. The design and facade cladding pick up the visual theme of the nearby rail tracks, with ceramic bands with different heights leading like tracks around the building and following the curved sections of the footprint. The profiled TERRART® elements reveal unusual crosssections and are covered with a transparent glaze that preserves the visual character of the shard.

Architects: Henke & Schreicke

PEMA Gruppe, Innsbruck PEMA Gruppe, Innsbruck PEMA Gruppe, Innsbruck PEMA Gruppe, Innsbruck


Reto Dörig

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