Lublin Congress Centre

Lublin is Poland’s biggest city east of the Vistula and an important centre in eastern Poland. Being home to five universities, it is also a major hub for young people and academics. Covering some 48,800 cubic metres, the newly constructed conference centre is yet another flagship building and a generously sized space for hosting trade fairs, events, meetings and exhibitions. The corner building features an impressive, curved glass facade that gives visitors a view of the round tower inside and a light-flooded foyer with ample greenery. Like the wing following the course of the road, the tower’s top storeys are clad in natural-yellow terracotta panels that are installed in a uniform horizontal arrangement and accentuated with dark metal strips that stretch across the entire height of the floor. These are reflected in the wall cladding in the building interior, too.


Jacek Szelag
Mobile: +48-601-992905

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