KVV Stockholm currently, the largest inner-city biomass-fired combined heat and power plant in the world, it has a unique architectural form. The vaulted façade is surrounded by slender terracotta elements with a warm red shade that imitates the bricks of the historic buildings nearby, and these elements are arranged in such a way that views are possible from the inside. The appealing exterior takes the focus away from the dimensions of the large building and creates a modern, aesthetic link with the nearby buildings.

Architect:  www.en.urbandesign.se &  www.gottliebpaludan.com 

Project report on Archdaily: Vartan Bioenergy CHP Plant



UD Urban Design AB + Gottlieb Paludan Architects


Henning Thomsen
Mobile: 0045-20-754840
Email: ht@c2elements.dk

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