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The main building of Zurich’s Witikon care centre, built in the 1960s, was recently renovated. After about 30 years of operation, the building had structural and operational defects.

Energy consumption, fire protection and earthquake resistance no longer met today’s requirements. Among other things, the façade was redesigned during the three-year renovation work, which changed the overall appearance. With the help of the ceramic facade of NBK Keramik GmbH, the once dreary building became a modern and friendly building.

The new facade provides a better view and a better energy balance. The excellently insulated façade, the energy supply using geothermal probes and the renewed building technology require around 60 percent less energy than before the renovation. The architects Gäumann Lüdi of Ropp, who were commissioned to renovate the building, opted for a terracotta facade. Not only from a design point of view, because the use of ceramic facades, also in the area of renovations, is gaining more and more importance due to the countless positive properties of the natural material.

The patented ventilated façade system offers countless design possibilities through the use of different colors, glazes, shapes, surfaces and cross-sections. NBK Keramik offers a comprehensive service for facade planning in detail. NBK terracotta facade panels are suitable for both new buildings and renovations, are mounted on a substructure and are extremely resistant.

care centre Witikon care centre Witikon care centre Witikon care centre Witikon


Reto Dörig

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