Findel Business Center, Luxembourg City

The new, four-storey offi ce complex is made up of six different blocks of buildings and offers a total usable fl oor space (including the three underground car parking facilities) of 165,000 square metres. Large international companies such as Ferrero have their of- fi ces here. The individual buildings which make up the complex have varied designs: strict box shapes, rounded sections, bevelled corners and offset angles not only manage to create a varying range of impressions, but they also give each section of the complex a sense of independence. The surfaces of the façades are all covered in smooth, black concrete. Individual accents are added through natural-coloured TERRART® Baguettes, which are used in a wide range of different ways. In some cases, they are used as bar-like cladding elements for large building sections, but in others they are also used as subtle details. They form a semi-transparent, largescale wall that is offset like a display in front of the fa- çade. Mounted in a vertical arrangement, they follow the rounded fronts, thereby offering a „veiled“ view of the architecture behind


Jürgen Hartleb
Mobile: +49 (0) 162 2047 800

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