Product: TERRART® Solid (Precast)

GSW Headquarters

The GSW headquarters building in Berlin features a distinctive TERRART®-SOLID façade with an anthracite/metallic glaze. Glazes similarly offer an inexhaustible gamut of colours and surface effects. In the NBK laboratory, the architect’s colour specifications are observed to the letter.

Shopping Center Hoofddorp

The façade of Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport is dominated by TERRART®-SOLID panels in varying colour tones, formats and surface structures, with profiling and corrugations. Thanks to the harmonious arrangement of the different ceramic elements, the earthy red-brown exterior presents a clear pattern, while the internal building parts, with their light, smooth cladding, are visually somewhat subdued. …

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Postbank, Leipzig

A prefabricated, pre-jointed TERRART®-SOLID façade system was adopted for the Postbank Leipzig scheme. This façade combines rationalized production and erection methods with an appealing aesthetic, the circular columns constituting the most striking design feature. Based on traditional principles, any conceivable special unit can be manufactured – a prospect that offers boundless opportunities to architects.

Hofgarten Palace, Munich

The Hofgarten Palace, a configuration of four office buildings in the centre of Munich, demonstrates the full diversity and complexity of the TERRART® concept. In accordance with the stipulations of the planners, more than 1000 special shapes were produced on the basis of the TERRART®-SOLID panel and assembled as prefabricated units. The result is an architectonic highlight in a refined, sophisticated environment. The principle of prefabricated façade elements …

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Traffic Control Centre, Amsterdam

The TERRART®-SOLID façade of the traffic control centre in Amsterdam complements the stainless steel, aluminium and glass elements to create a harmonious composition – modern architecture that exploits the façade design to convey the multi-faceted functionality of the building.

Zuiderhof II, Amsterdam

Large-format TERRART®-SOLID solid slabs were the ideal design elements for this almost fortified-effect building complex in the new office district Zuiderhof on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Particularly striking is the rising roof structure of the front extension of the building, which is also equipped with the same façade units.

Royal Infirmary Car Park, Manchester

This multi-storey car park incorporating retail outlets on the ground floor was constructed from prefabricated concrete elements that remain visible at key points of the façade. This style is broken up primarily by the corner features, which are accentuated through the use of bluish grey solid panels. The application of lamellar sunscreen cladding and sparing …

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John Lewis, Liverpool

The ceramic façades of this department store in Liverpool have a mosaic-like structure, which is created through the use of several closely-related colours that are generated by firing at different core temperatures. The TERRART®-Solid elements were cast into concrete panels, so no support system is required.

Metro Station, Novokosino

The Russian capital is a rapidly growing metropolis with an increasing population and an expanding surface area. In order to connect the new areas all the way out to the outer districts to the local public transport services and increase the capacity of the increasingly overburdened subway network in the centre, ambitious plans are in …

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UMKC Bloch Executive Hall, Kansas City

Simple and elegant in form and powerful in expression, the new university building harmonises with its neighbouring buildings thanks to a colour palette that is deliberately in keeping with the surrounding colours. The polychromatic facade consists of seven different natural shades, including red and yellowbrown, with orange as the theme colour. Colour theorist Josef Albers …

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