Sparkasse Warendorf

The imposing bank building consists of three separate, two to three-storey parts which are arranged in a U-shaped configuration on a generously sized plot. The facades are clad in smooth TERRART® panels that were manufactured in a dark red custom colour. Arranged uniformly both horizontally and vertically, the panels fill the solid surrounds of the high win – dows. The narrow format of the ceramic elements underlines the stretched architectural aesthetic. The pillar-like design creates a particular emphasis, which is further highlighted by the arcade-like concrete elements fitted to the outside of the buildings. The arcade impression is also reinforced by the apertures on the ground floor of the adjoining building that guides employees and visitors to the surrounding green spaces. Even the forecourt design, which features a colour coordinated stripe pattern, reflects the underlying concept.

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Jürgen Hartleb
Mobile: +49 (0) 162 2047 800

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