Chiltern Place W1

PLP Architecture is designing a new 15-storey residential building incorporating 55 luxury apartments, retail facilities and a new townhouse at 66 Chiltern Street near Marylebone High Street in Westminster. This new-build project offers significant improvements to the environmental performance of our earlier consented scheme to remodel and extend the 1960s office building on the site.

The design improves upon the massing of the original 12-storey building to establish an overall balance and proportion that is sympathetic with the character and quality of its setting, while three additional floors containing two penthouse apartments help to shape the building’s profile on the skyline.

The project readdresses several aspects of the design, influenced by the new construction method, changes to the project brief and coordination of the internal space planning. This encompasses a rationalisation of the building grid, the development of the façade design, articulated by generous bays juxtaposed against the handset terracotta cladding and the introduction of residential amenities including a gym, meeting spaces and a screening room on the first level. The reconfiguration of the public realm, animated by retail facilities, complements recent improvements to the quality of Chiltern Street, while the new townhouse will transform a blank flank wall created by the demolition of terraced housing when the former office building was constructed.

(Source: PLP Architecture)

For the terracotta cladding,  TERRART SOLID was selected, which was produced in a fixed range of earthy special colors. A special highlight are the color-matching vertical fins, which filigree the windows of the building.

Chiltern Place W1 Chiltern Place W1 Chiltern Place W1 Chiltern Place W1 Chiltern Place W1 Chiltern Place W1


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