Am Kohlistieg Riehen

The residential park, Am Kohlistieg, consists of several individual buildings whose identical floor plans have different orientations via mirroring and rotation and are designed for different needs – from smaller rental properties to large family flats and senior flats. The project, which is supported by a housing cooperative, had to meet high standards in terms of sustainability: it had to be durable, retain its value and be future-oriented, which had an impact on the choice of materials, among other things. In line with this approach, the façades were clad with light-coloured terracotta panels in varying widths, which are mounted vertically and enliven the exterior view. The ventilated construction makes an additional ecological contribution by protecting against moisture and creating an improved indoor climate.

Am Kohlistieg Am Kohlistieg Am Kohlistieg Riehen Am Kohlistieg Am Kohlistieg Am Kohlistieg Riehen


Reto Dörig

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