All-in-one Visibility and Sun-Protection Facade

Daniela Wienen 13/06/2017

The newly built Albion library in Toronto has been designed to provide opportunities for resources and education. The building consists of several pavilions and courtyards that cover a total area of ​​approximately 26,000 m2. The exterior of the newly opened library was designed in five different shades of color by the Perkins + Will architect office. The façade design is also unique because it serves a dual function: on the one hand, it has the typical façade properties and on the other hand it also serves as sun-protection elements, appearing monolithic in form.

The colorful façade makes the library a real eyecatcher and promises visitors brightness when inside. In the building’s front area, the ceramic rods that were used played two parts, initially preforming as sun protection but also as a privacy shields screening out curious looks. These two functions are only visible to the eye at a second glance and fit harmoniously into the overall picture of the building.

In addition, the building has been designed with sustainability and natural-like design taken into consideration. The Library’s dynamic form, color-concept, and open aspect to the street act as contradiction to its rich interiority. The façade of vertically mounted TERRART®-Baguettes and TERRART®-Large elements is made of glazed and natural colors and gives the building a distinctive appearance. In addition, a second layer was created by the invisible fixing of the TERRART®-baguettes to the panels below. The resulting three-dimensional effect makes the façade even more lively and gives it more depth. The additional attachment allows an even more various color design since the resulting layer sets the color accents.

As a natural material, the terracotta façade is famous for its resistance to temperature, weathering and corrosion, which over many decades is a valuable characteristic. TERRART® ceramic façades stand for sustainable building for future generations. Ceramics are considered to be an ecological balance as a natural building material, that is resource-conserving and particularly resistant. Ceramic façade from NBK Keramik GmbH are ISO 14025 certified as proof of sustainability. Thus, the facades are ideal for ecological building.


Photograph: Lisa Logan

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