Statewide Library and Archives Museum, Alaska

The spaces inside this impressive popular attraction allow visitors to explore the history of Alaska. Accommodating a library, archive and museum, this new building is home to three institutions with different functions but sharing a common purpose: to make it easy for the public to access historical facts and fi gures. The high durability and energy-effi ciency of terracotta ensured that it was the material of choice for the outer shell. The terracotta combines with large-area glass surfaces to create a graceful and, in places, semi-transparent structure. The Sinter glazed panels have a subtle triangular profi le, alternating between convex and concave, that conjures up a play of light that changes constantly depending on the weather conditions. In keeping with the increasingly popular architectural trend, the elements were installed vertically.


Bud Streff
Mobile: (781) 929-0106

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